Sailing education

Here you can choose which education you require. After a theory and practical lesson you`ll be able to get an official ISSA license. This will enable you to take a boat in charter for sailing, or to handle with your own boat, or to participate in competitions. Either way, it will be nice experience.
This is the first step in sailing experience.
Good educational option to start with and have consecutive training sessions, as well as for those who are limited in time.This program does not allow you to operate the yacht yourself, but may be required in regions where trained crew members are required. After getting basic skills, you will be able to pass a simple exam and become the owner of the first stage in yachting - ISSA Yacht Crew certificate.
Duration 7 days.
Cost 1 000 euro.
The most popular programme which gives you good knowledges about sailing with theory and practical lessons. After the exam you`ll be able to take a boat (max length is 24 m) in charter without a captain and cope with it at a distance not more than 20 nautical miles from the coast during daylight hours. After successful exam you will get ISSA Inshore Skipper certificate.
Duration 14 days.
Cost 1 500 euro.
The next step of education gives the right to operate the yacht in the light and dark hours at a distance of up to 100 nautical miles from the coast. You will learn to make a plan for a long transition, get practical skills in determining and maneuvering in narrow areas, using a life raft and other means, practicing the maneuver at night. You need to have a Coastal Skipper Certificate and some
experience in sailing as 800 own nautical miles, 25 days at sea in the leadership position of the captain.
Duration 14 days.
Cost 2 000 euro.

This option is a one day education of sailing practice in Marmaris and nearby areas. A good option for those who want to combine leisure and sports whilst on vacation, or those who are limited in time but enjoys sailing. You will learn many things about yachting, knots and how to set the sails using the gennaker and spinnaker. There will also be some practise to participate in regattas and leisure time as well.

Duration 1-3 days.
Cost 175 euro/day.

Check your certificate
Here you can check your certificate in the ISSA international database and get confirmation of the validity of your captain's certificate.
If you do not find the necessary information about education and prefer other trainings and programs, please contact me via messengers or by email, which are listed below. See you!